I'm Amelia. Some people know me as Aime. I'm a freelance Graphic Designer and Illustrator located in Minneapolis, MN.

You can visit my website if you would like more info - or send me an email: amelia.lebarron@gmail.com




A few weeks ago, I came across an adorable mini Moleskine planner (2.5" x 4.25") and had to have it. Mostly because of my obsession with planners, but I also thought it would be a great way to spend a little bit of time every day away from the computer and do some drawing. The small size is ideal to keep the amount of time I spend on it down and not get obsessed with the details that I normally do when allowed to zoom in 400% on a computer screen. There is no theme as for now - just random drawings, for practice and fun. Hopefully I can keep up with it. Although I don't think the drawing will be a problem - it's the scanning. I've always found scanning to be a real drag...



Time for Presents!


Being snowed in for the weekend gave me the opportunity to finally start getting some holiday gifts together. These dolls are for my 1-year old niece, Lola - she lives 5 hours away and I don't get to visit her as often as I would like - I thought that she needed a visual reminder of her look-alike aunt... and boyfriend. These make me laugh - I hope they do the same for Lola.

Idea from the book, Bend the Rules with Fabric by Amy Karol. Great book with lots of fun ideas!



HOW Magazine Illustrations


Months ago I was contacted with the amazing opportunity to illustrate the contributors page of HOW Magazine - I've been a big fan of the magazine since design school and was thrilled! Well, the magazine is out now (January '11 issue) and I can't even start to explain how it feels to have my face on a page with these amazing people - it's a dream come true!



Ozzy Poster




Stolen artwork!


 So it was brought to my attention over the weekend that someone stole my artwork (Thanks Jr Kishore Ramcharitar - see his portfolio here). I don't even know where to start on my rant about this. Obviously a true design/art professional would never steal artwork in this manner and I forget about the types of people that would - And now I have to protect myself against them - hopefully not by adding an ugly watermark over my artwork. The point is, I don't spend hours and hours of work on a poster just to have someone spend 15 minutes in Photoshop to create a poster for a radio contest with their name on it.

As far as I know this was just a Facebook based radio competition in Trinidad with Tariq Ali, the facebook name of the guy who blatantly stole my poster, winning tickets to a Maroon 5 show and unfortunately there isn't much I can do. The scary part is how much this happens without artists knowing... One interesting thing to note is one of the comments from the Facebook page -  "he personalized it and made it his own.." I'm sorry, but there's nothing personalized about what he did - it's my artwork...


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