I'm Amelia. Some people know me as Aime. I'm a freelance Graphic Designer and Illustrator located in Minneapolis, MN.

You can visit my website if you would like more info - or send me an email: amelia.lebarron@gmail.com



The Fruit Shoot



 This isn't new -- A couple years ago, my friend Tricia and I got together for some ridiculousness. This was the outcome - it was in my portfolio for a long time, but it doesn't quite fit in. I do still think it needed a home. It will live here in the blog...
Click on the thumbnails for the full image.



Big, Red, and Shiny...

Sometimes I find old sketches that I want to elaborate on more, this is one of them. It ended up being a gift for one of my best-est friends in the world and I could not be happier with how it turned out - so large, red, and shiny. Although it might be a little creepy considering that the subject has no idea that his face resides in a living room in Northeast Minneapolis... I also need to give a thank you to Nick at Brand ink who really helped me out with a deadline - and the print quality is awesome.



The Hive Logo


A fabulous new salon is opening up in Northeast Minneapolis mid-March! It's the Hive (I'll include a link once it's up and running - you need to visit these lovely ladies - they are very good at what they do!). Here's the logo - I made it.

And also, just for fun, I wanted to show a bit of the evolution - minus sketches - I really dislike scanning...





Ingrid Michaelson Poster


So, I had a small bit of free time and entered a contest to design an Ingrid Michaelson poster. I couldn't resist - this girl is too cute.



Jeff Dunham


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